The Lodge provides basic accommodation and three meals per-day for individual, family and group..

The standard cost for accommodation is $AUD80.00 per night per person. Under 8 is free inclusive the following services..Ao leg view

1. A vehicle hire for transfer of luggage from the airport to the lodge – a distance of less than 3 kilometers stretch of road.Transpport Bellona

2. Three meals per-day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) – all local food unless request for special Western food. But you are welcome to bring special dietary food supplement as the lodge does not always cater for special food as there is no supermarket on the island.Ao local food

Special rates

We also provide special rates for group, individual, family from time to time during pick and non-pick time of the year,”excluding breakfast, lunch and dinner” (need to negotiate with the management).


The following activities are also provided for guests on request at an additional cost, and weather permits.

  • Traditional dancing
  • Performing of religious or secular groups
  • Oral history and genealogy of the island
  • Village tour (walk)
  • Accompanying villagers to their gardens (walk)
  • Food preparation and cooking using stone-oven
  • Night hunting for crabs
  • Spear-fishing (dive) or reef-walk fishing
  • A short tour of the nearby caves (walk)
  • Bicycle hire

    Watch this space for updates.